Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Wow...seriously? It's been that long? I've only done one  post this year? Dang..I be a busy person! That, or lazy! :) what to post about? The upcoming mass of students going back to school? The current economy crisis and how it's effecting the company I work for? Or how about the time I got sick for a full week and didn't go to work? That was pretty recent. First time ever I did that! My daughter came down w/ a fever one friday afternoon. It pretty much lasted on and off that whole weekend. Sunday afternoon I started in w/ the fever. But mine never really left until the following Wednesday night. It blew hardcore! I had a up and down fever and constant headache. And this wasn't a normal headache..this was some big on top of the head hurts so bad you would rather give birth to a child again than go through this type of headache. Yea...I could barely eat. Just stuck to water and powerade. One day a twinkie looked pretty good to me, so I snacked on that. Another day I forced myself to eat noodles. Finally went to the doc on Wed and tested negative for strep and the flu..though the doc said my tonsils were looking pretty raw and doesn't my throat hurt? No sir, says I. I just have this fever and constant headache. And yes, I had been taking medicine. I was popping 800 motrins like they were going outta style since sunday afternoon. He told me to take 1000mg tylenol for the headache and if the fever persisted for 2 more days, come back in and we will start running tests on my blood. Thank goodness it went away later on that night. And just when I think i'm ready to go back to work on Thursday, my son tells me he has had a headache all day long and we get home and he has a fever. Niiiiice. Lucky for him though, his lasts only 24 hours. I didn't feel 100% normal until that Friday. Man, I never want to go through that again!! So yea, my week of consisted of sleeping like a zombie in a coma induced state, sweating on and off but not because I was hot, drinking water and powerade, driving to drop and pick up my kids from summer camp, and feeling like a huge hammer was hitting me on the head 24/7. I did not do JACK around my place. So yea, my paycheck for that week pretty much sucked. Thank goodness work let me "borrow" against my vacation that I get again in December.

Wow, one long paragraph, eh? Yea, I should have done some sentence/paragraph structure in that one. Oh well. I just feel like rambling and rambling. But for now i'm going to go and see what else I can occupy my time with. Oh i'm totally hooked on FB's Kingdoms of Camelot game. Ack!! Gotta build my city up! LOL!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Boondock Saints II

If you haven't seen it....GO SEE IT! It is DA BOMB!!! I love the brothers! This movie was some serious kicking behind action! Loved it!!! I need to go and watch the first one now to get it fresh in my mind. I also love how it was shot in Boston! :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

G-Force Blu-Ray for how much?

Wow! I just went to Target and bought the G-Force Blu-Ray combo dvd pack for $7.99!!! Yes indeed!!! I used a $10.00 off manufacturer's coupon from Disney and combined it with a $5 off any Blu-Ray Target Coupon! Holy Moly! I love it! It's going to be a great present for my kids! They absolutely loved that movie! On another note, they have Del Monte Canned Veggies on sale for .50! You can go here, register, and get a $1/4 coupon! So after the coupon you are getting 4 cans for $1.00 total! I bought corn. I'm going to use them for my covered dish that I have to bring for my son's Cub Scout holiday party. :) You can usually print up to 2 times on the Target coupons. Target also has certain Blu-Ray movies on sale for $9.99. If you printed out another $5 off any Blu-Ray coupon, you will get it for $4.99! Great deal! Okay, so I had to share because I was super excited to get the G-Force movie for such a low price! Love it!!!!